Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS)

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About This Course

The Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS) course is designed to equip individuals with the foundational knowledge and skills required to excel in the dynamic field of wireless technology. Whether you are new to the industry or looking to enhance your expertise, this course will empower you to succeed in the world of wireless networking. The Certified Wireless Specialist course covers a wide range of topics essential for success in the field of wireless technology, including: Introduction to Wireless Technology, Wireless Network Design, RF Fundamentals, Security in Wireless Networks, WLAN Infrastructure and Troubleshooting Wireless Networks.

Skills You’ll Get

The Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS) is a certification that validates the knowledge of wireless sales, marketing, entry-level support, and decision-making professionals related to 802.11 wireless networks. The learning materials explain the language of Wi-Fi as well as the typical hardware and software used in wireless local area networks (WLANs). From radio frequency (RF) to Wi-Fi client devices, the CWS learns the terminology and processes of Wi-Fi.

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9+ Lessons | 352+ Exercises | 146+ Quizzes | 80+ Flashcards | 80+ Glossary of terms


68+ Pre Assessment Questions | 3+ Full Length Tests | 68+ Post Assessment Questions | 180+ Practice Test Questions

Hands-On Labs

20+ LiveLab | 20+ Video tutorials | 32+ Minutes



  • Course setup

Basics of radio frequency (RF)

  • Module A: Radio wave characteristics
  • Module B: RF Behaviors
  • Module C: RF signal strength
  • Summary

Wi-Fi hardware

  • Module A: Antenna basics
  • Module B: Wi-Fi antennas and wave patterns
  • Module C: Antenna specifications and hardware
  • Summary

Wi-Fi standards

  • Module A: The IEEE 802.11 standard
  • Module B: Channels and channel configuration
  • Module C: Voice over IP
  • Summary

Wireless security

  • Module A: WLAN security basics
  • Module B: Configuring AP security
  • Module C: Client-device security parameters
  • Summary: Wireless security

Wi-Fi and WLAN Performance

  • Module A: Enhanced 802.11 features
  • Module B: Fast and secure roaming
  • Summary: Wi-Fi and WLAN performance

APs and IoT gateways

  • Module A: AP features and functions
  • Module B: Placing and powering APs and IoT gateways
  • Module C: AP and IoT configuration
  • Summary

Wireless clients

  • Module A: Common wireless devices
  • Module B: Client device channels
  • Summary

Implementing WLANs

  • Module A: Wi-Fi deployments
  • Module B: Technical requirements
  • Summary


Wi-Fi standards

  • Selecting an Operation Mode using the Emulator
  • Configuring an AP Channel

Wireless security

  • Using a Wireless AP for MAC Address Filtering
  • Connecting to a Password-Protected Network
  • Changing the Admin Password
  • Securing a Wi-Fi Hotspot

APs and IoT gateways

  • Configuring a Wireless AP - Packet Tracer Lab
  • Observing AP Features and Functions
  • Configuring an SSID
  • Configuring SOHO-Grade Access Points
  • Configuring an Autonomous AP

Wireless clients

  • Identifying OS Information
  • Discovering Client Devices with Command-Line Tools
  • Diagnosing Networking Issues
  • Configuring a New Wireless Client
  • Removing an Account in Android
  • Resetting the Default Application in Android

Implementing WLANs

  • Configuring a Router Manually
  • Changing Passwords for the Router
  • Using Spectrum Analysis Tools for Wi-Fi Networks

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The exam contains 60 questions.

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The CWS certification is valid for three (3) years. To recertify, you must pass the most recent version of the exam. By passing the CWS exam, your CWS certificate will be renewed for another three(3) years.

Certified Wireless Specialist (CWS)


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