uCertify CodingLab is a cost effective tool designed to teach learners how to code by enabling them to learn by doing. CodingLab provides a guided, hands-on learning experience to the learners. CodingLab provides a virtual coding environment where students can write code in 49 languages that include Python, R, Javascript, Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, and more. The CodingLab offers an environment in which learners write code to solve a provided problem or challenge and get an output that is immediately auto-graded. Because CodingLab is auto graded, students can check their work immediately resulting in better engagement and educators save time as they do not need to manually grade students' work.

Built-in auto-grading and syntax check

  • Actual compiler warning and error messages using real compilers
  • Supports multiple paths to correct answer
  • Editable and non-editable code areas
  • Copy and paste to encourage experimentation
  • Anti-cheating features
  • Integrated code editor
  • Interactivity and learner engagement
  • Ability to embed code-lab activities within a lesson and via deep linking
  • Auto-generated questions
  • Dark mode


49 language
nothing to install
advance auto grading
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